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The Pinnacle of Sustainability and Innovation: Unveiling LONO

The Pinnacle of Sustainability and Innovation: Unveiling LONO
LONO is more than just a shoe brand; it represents the vanguard of innovative solutions in the footwear industry, deftly merging sustainability with advanced technology. We have developed an unparalleled product that stems from comprehensive research, a focus on high-quality design, and an enduring commitment to preserving our planet. This dedication is reflected in the five core principles that define our brand - Biodegradability, Durability, Simplicity, Biodiversity, and Efficiency.

1/ Biodegradability

Our groundbreaking technology, Gonetech, propels our fight against plastic pollution. Our proprietary materials are designed to drastically reduce the plastic footprint. By ending the vicious plastic cycle, we ensure every component of our LONO footwear is engineered to be biodegradable.

Our Gonetech materials include:


2/ Durability

Durability is a non-negotiable aspect of our design ethos. Through our Reboot campaign, we've gathered invaluable data on the lifespan and failure points of used footwear, driving our innovative designs. We focus on critical stress points, high-risk material avoidance strategies, and enhanced bonding through design and materials. With high-performance rubber soles, washable uppers, and weatherproof components, our shoes are designed for endurance and resilience.


3/ Simplicity

We believe in the philosophy of simplicity, both in terms of aesthetics and material usage. By utilizing thin soles and light density flyknit mesh, we've managed to reduce our environmental footprint significantly. Free of unnecessary accessories, the clean, streamlined design of LONO shoes radiates a timeless appeal that goes beyond passing trends.


4/ Biodiversity 

LONO's dedication to biodiversity is mirrored in our selection of materials. We steer clear of natural resource extraction and animal by-products, endorsing an eco-friendly approach. By extracting plastic from the environment and transforming it into our innovative biodegradable tech, we're creating footwear that contributes positively to biodiversity.


5/ Efficiency

At LONO, we champion smart manufacturing. Our zero waste flyknit method for the mesh and injection mould process for the outsole are testament to this. Our packaging is meticulously designed to be compact and fitting, with a versatile travel pouch to take LONO where ever you go.

Our approach to inventory management is similarly innovative. We favor small batch production and limit styles and colors, ensuring every pair of LONO shoes is purposeful and exclusive, while preventing overstock.


In conclusion, LONO stands at the intersection of sustainable footwear, successfully balancing style, durability, and eco-consciousness. By choosing LONO, you become a part of a community that values inventive design, exceptional quality, and a strong commitment to a greener future.

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