Loved by Kiddos . Approved by Parents . Appreciated by Earth

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Plant the seeds for an eco-conscious mindset in the little one’s mind.

Let them skyrocket into a brighter future.

A blend of TREES, SEASHELLS, and COTTON to create a comfy sock-like mesh.

These natural materials have super powers in nourishing those little feet.



Encourages little buddies to put on their own LONOs.


Makes our job as parents so much easier.


Plays nice with the planet by using sustainable materials.


We are working on making the sole disappear!


Every pair of Stompers comes with an extra set of insoles that are already in the shoes. Please remove them when the shoes are getting tight which gives the shoes an extra few months of stomping life 🙂

The more you return, the more you save.

Kids grow fast! We have a recycling campaign that benefits all of us and our planet.


  • Return the out-grown Stompers back to us and receive accumulative discounts.
  • Returned pairs will be washed, disinfected, and refurbished with new parts. (insoles, pull strap, tongue piece, etc)
  • Reasonable condition shoes will be donated to local charity groups.
  • Mint condition shoes will be resold as “Reborn” collection at discounted prices. 25% of revenue will be donated.

Reuse / Recycle

  • Return the out-grown pair to your organisation of choice or give them away as hand me downs
  • Share the experience on Instagram > tag @lonowear and #lonocycle
  • Receive a HKD$100 coupon code to be used on your next purchase at
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Sustainable Renewable

Reduce Recycle Upcycle